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The Perfect Save

Have you asked an old friend to come along to Half Pace Hurling yet?  It might be more important than you think.

Bright Lights Of Belfast

Another great turn out for an enjoyable night of half pace hurling in the big smoke of belfast.

Essential Gear


Whether you turn up to either show off or embarrass yourself, it's important to make sure you at least have some of the gear with you.



Balls (4)

Look Cool, Stay Warm
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What's it all about?

Want To Get Involved?

No matter if you've played at a high level or you're a complete beginner, half pace hurling is accessible to all.  Although it can seem a little faster than 'half pace' sometimes, it's always fun and you'll never feel left out.

When & Where

First, check out our events section for half pace hurling in your area/county.  Just turn up, everyone is always welcome at a half pace hurling event.


What do I need?

A hurling stick, suitable footwear & clothing, preferably a helmet, a sense of humour and a great attitude.  


What Am I Doing?

If you're not clear on rules or any parts of the game, simply ask.  Half pace hurling is like a family and everyone will be all too happy to help and advise.

What's Happening?

The Half Pace Diary

Keep up to date with all the match reports, news, photos and goings on in the world of the half pacers.